Instructions to Authors

The best two posters will be awarded with the prize of 300 each.

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  • Senior researchers (research group heads and faculty members) are invited to submit short papers (max 6 pages) and give a 20 minute presentation each.
  • Students and post-docs are invited to submit posters and one-page abstracts and will be able to present their work in special poster sessions or short presentations.
  • All submitted papers/abstracts will be evaluated by the Program Committee, before acceptance.

If your abstract or paper or poster is accompanied by a presentation please find attached a Power Point template.

HSCBB10 is powered by the free conference management system EasyChair.
In order to submit your contribution (either paper or abstract) you should follow the instructions below:

1. Create your manuscript using your favorite software. Simple templates are provided in

      Note: You should initially submit a single PDF formatted file. Source files will be requested after acceptance for typesetting.

      Some general rules are:
  • One-page abstracts: Strictly one page.
  • Short papers: Up to six pages.
  • Feel free to include figures and tables (please refer to the templates).
  • Do not alter page margins.
  • For incorporating essential additional material please contact the program committee chair.

2. Apply for an EasyChair account at the conference EasyChair website (
This process may take a few minutes to complete.

3. Log in to the EasyChair system when you are ready for the submission. You will need to fill in the forms with the names of all contributors to the work and indicate a person for correspondence (this should be the    Presenting author). Please, be prepared to have all co-authors names, postal and email addresses, and affiliations, since these pieces of information are mandatory. Also, do not forget to indicate whether you are submitting a ‘Poster abstract’ or ‘Short paper’ by clicking the appropriate radiobox. Relevant topics to the presented research may optionally be selected at this stage as well.

4. Upload your abstract/paper (in .pdf format) and you are done.